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Initiative 1853

Washington State residents have the power to create legally binding petitions. Initiative 1853 prohibits our Governor and state agencies from instituting lockdowns, mask mandates, or vaccine mandates. Read about it, download it, print it, sign it, and distribute it! Help us reach 400,000 signatures by July so that the measure can reach the statewide ballot in 2022! Website.

Medical Freedom is one of our most important rights. Continue reading to find out why.


We host and participate in events and rallies all across Snohomish County and nearby counties. Alert us of events going on in WA and join us at the events listed on our calendar page! Discover local candidates that support medical freedom and contact us if you have a tip on a local political candidate that opposes mask and vaccine mandates.

Follow our channel “Free Americans (Snohomish County)” on the Telegram messenger app to connect with hundreds of like-minded area residents! See our “Connections” page to find out about more activist groups both here and in other counties and states.

Is your employer requiring you to get a vaccine? See our compiled list of legal resources. See also job boards that do not have vaccine mandates.

Support for Local Business

See our “Businesses Index” page to discover a growing list of local businesses that support medical freedom. Find places you can go to shop without a mask. Find local businesses that have pledged to resist vaccination mandates. If you are a business owner, contact us using our “Contact” page to be added to the list.

Help us keep spreading the word about medical freedom. This website was made possible by the contributions of ordinary people like you.

Why is Medical Freedom Important?

Only you have the final say on what’s best for you.

Our medical decisions used to be personal choices. Laws like HIPAA protected you from criticism and shielded you from scrutiny by the general public. But all that changed in 2020, when the public was warned of the dangers of a pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus. Before long, we came to believe that the health of individuals was everybody’s problem and everybody’s business.

But is that really true? In an age where consent is highly valued, we understand that the body is a sacred, inviolable temple, accessible only to you and the people you choose to share it with. The right to do what you believe is best for your body is a core, fundamental human right. This right is recognized by many major religions and philosophies, as well as by the Geneva Conventions of 1949.

You can’t have public health without healthy individuals.

The individual is the smallest minority. If the individual doesn’t have rights, nobody has rights. But today, vaccine mandates threaten to violate the rights of the individual. If you can’t choose what goes into your body, what can you choose?