Who We Are

Free Americans is a local grassroots organization started in Snohomish County, Washington State.

Our mission is to stop and reverse the progress of ongoing vaccine mandates in the state of Washington, reverse mask mandates, and to prevent human rights violations. These unconstitutional mandates are not law. Administrative rules are beneath the law and subject to the law. No executive mandate which contradicts the law is valid. The constitution of the United States is the highest law of our land. Therefore, we encourage noncompliance with unlawful mandates and policies as a form of civil disobedience in order to create change from the bottom up.

Fundamentally, we are regular people, just like you. We don’t have corporate donors, and we have zero paid employees. We’re all just people who want to keep our jobs and not be discriminated against in society for our medical choices. All donations go directly to spreading the word about medical freedom.

Our group is primarily connected via Telegram, an encrypted messaging app available for most phones. We do not have a facebook presence, by choice. We hope you’ll download Telegram and get in contact with us.

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