Legal Resources

This page is a compilation of resources and documents with short summaries and is not in any way to be construed as legal advice.

Washington State Common Lawful

This group will help you understand how to issue legal notice to your employer of violation of rights, to put you on the best possible footing for future lawsuits.

Constructive Notice

This popular “constructive notice” will inform your employer of your rights under the law. It advises employers that vaccine mandates constitute the unlicensed practice of medicine and that the governor has no authority to delegate this power to them.

Statement of Declination

This popular “statement of declination” is an alternative to religious exemptions, in which you can provide your own paperwork rather than fall into possible legal traps created by the state or an employer.

Pacific Justice Institute

This legal firm has information on how to write a religious exemption letter, and what to do if a religious exemption or accommodation is denied.

The Healthy American

Lots of legal resources and information on religious exemptions, and how to fight if they are not accepted. Many additional resources on related issues and knowing your rights.

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