EVERY Friday 12pm – 4pm

Please join our local Boeing workers as they go on a sick-out strike (taking their paid sick time all at the same time) every week until Boeing reverses their vaccine mandate. Boeing is a key business in the area and it is critical that the Boeing workers receive much publicity and a strong showing of support. Their success or failure affects YOU. The public is encouraged to attend.

Location: 8729 Airport Rd. Everett WA, in front of the union building.

Update: Boeing has dropped their internal mandate!


Boeing Mandate Protest

October 22, 2021

Please come to Airport Road outside the Everett campus of Boeing, 12pm to 4pm to support the workers against the vaccine mandate that threatens them! This is a “sick-out“, Boeing employees should use their sick time to attend.


Stop the Divide Rally

October 23, 2021

On Saturday October 23 one of our affiliate Facebook groups is having a peaceful rally in 3 locations.

  • Everett: Broadway and Everett Ave
  • Marysville: Corner of 4th and State
  • Smokey Point: 172nd and Smokey Point Blvd.

Their words:

Suggested sign titles