Job Fair for Affected Workers

Nov 21, 2021

WA4CHANGE is hosting a job fair at the Lumber House Brewery in Black Diamond, on Sunday November 21 at 1pm.

This job fair is primarily for workers who have been fired because of the Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

Employers who do NOT require vaccines for their employees, with job vacancies are encouraged to email Michelle Le at or text 206-683-3362.

There will also be a food drive and donations of various kinds accepted for the affected workers including gift cards, toys, clothing, and new shoes.


Initiative 1441 Petition Signing

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Initiative 1441 is a legally binding petition that goes to the legislature. Our goal is to get 400,000 signatures by the end of December. If that happens, the proposed legislation will go before the legislature, who have the chance to vote on it or propose alternative legislation. If they vote down or refuse to act on the petition, the measure (and their proposed alternative) will both go onto the ballot in November 2022.

Initiative 1441 blocks our government and any government-funded institutions from imposing any vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, any further lockdowns, or mask mandates.

The signing will be held at Lake Tye Park on Saturday, November 13 from 1 to 4 pm. We will be there at this time with copies of the petition! You are also free to download and print the petition yourself from